Rapidly Deploy a Telehealth Cancer Genetics Program with CancerIQ

Thank you for joining our Webinar "How to Rapidly Deploy a Telehealth Cancer Genetics Program." Below is a recording of the presentation.

CancerIQ allows you to successfully and rapidly deploy a telehealth program. We help you tap into available stimulus funding, and launch a successful program that gets at-risk patients access to care and retains or creates jobs for your genetic or at-risk team. 

Set up a time with our team below for help with:

  • Virtual Screening
  • Virtual Genetic Counseling 
  • Virtual High Risk Management 
  • Funding Opportunities for Virtual Care
  • How to Join a Consortium and Apply

View the Webinar:

Below is the full recording of the webinar that you can re-watch as needed, or share internally with your team. To help you find the section most relevant to you:

  • Virtual screening - 4:27
  • Virtual evaluation - 17:25
  • Virtual high risk management - 25:44.
  • Learn about the funding opportunities and how to apply - 28:30

A copy of the slides to are also available here


Book a meeting with the CancerIQ team: 

If you are interested in setting up a virtual program and would like to apply for stimulus funds to acquire the appropriate technology, we're here to help. Please think about the scope for your application (clinical settings, target patient populations), and a member from our team will be able to direct you to the appropriate links and partner with you on your application.

If you are a current CancerIQ customer, please reach out to your Customer Success Representative for assistance with your application. And if you are new to CancerIQ, you can book a meeting below and we'll schedule a time to meet as soon as possible.