Association of Cancer Executives Webinar:

Improving Access to Genetic Counseling and Testing

Patients deserve timely access to genetic counseling. This is challenging due to increasing demand, complex workflow, and a shortage of genetic counselors.

View the webinar hosted by the Association of Cancer Executives (ACE) to learn how Sharp HealthCare is using innovative technology to make the most of their team's valuable genetic expertise. Nancy Harris, VP of Oncology at Sharp HealthCare will explain how program leaders can make the business case for increased investment in cancer risk assessment programs and highlight how innovative technology has helped Sharp to:

  • Maximize genetic counselors’ productivity
  • Ensure standardization and evidence-based care
  • Streamline referrals
  • Gain visibility into performance
  • Dramatically improve patient access to genetic counseling
  • Increase downstream utilization and revenue
Featured Speaker:

Nancy Harris (Sharp HealthCare)

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