The Definitive Guide to High-Risk Breast Programs


How a Modern Approach to Design and Implementation Drives Better Clinical and Financial Outcomes


What you'll find inside:
• A maturity curve for high-risk breast programs - key metrics to assess effectiveness and identify ways to improve

• Common challenges and lessons learned by real practices that have built sustainable programs

* Talking points for OB-GYNs and oncologists building the business case for an investment in their high-risk breast program

Read now to discover how you can design and implement your high-risk cancer screening program to drive better clinical and financial outcomes.

Cancer treatment today is precise and personalized, while cancer screenings all too often rely on a one-size-fits all approach.

There is clear evidence that a personalized approach to cancer prevention – especially for 1 in 10 women with the highest risk of a breast cancer diagnosis – can improve clinical outcomes while providing  opportunities for additional downstream revenue.

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