Case Study

How the AHEAD Program at Adventist Health Boosted Screening Volume and Preventive Services with CancerIQ

Gaps in care amount to billions in lost revenue and waste. Recognizing this trend and the growing need to boost genetic screening capabilities with real-life insights, Adventist Health created the AHEAD Program and partnered with CancerIQ. 

Read the Case Study to learn more about the AHEAD Program and how CancerIQ helped them achieve $627,000 in revenue growth from added preventive services.

The AHEAD program at Adventist stands to continue these improvements thanks to on-going integration with the EHR via Cerner’s FHIR App. These improvements take place throughout the patient journey:

  • Screening and Identification: Providers will identify, intervene, and track results of CancerIQ assessments in the EHR.
  • Evaluation and Management: Providers will access analyses of patient family history and genetic test results, as well as customized clinical decision support to manage tested patients.
CIQ Cerner Case Study Mockup

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